aileron wobble

  • After doing my aircraft trim flight and zeroing gyro. on first aileron setup flight as soon as i switched to mode 2 and moved adjustment knob one click airplane started to oscilate, and only stopped when i switched back to mode 1. So how do i setup the ailerons adjustment if it oscilates when i first turn it on. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello,

    please check in your Gyro settings if your knob is starting at 0% on Aileron-A and Aileron-B. Mybe you have to reverse the knob, because it starts at 100%.

    If you turn on the Gyro to FM2 or FM3 and the Gain is at 0%, it is the same situation like gyro off in FM1.

  • Thanks Richard for the fast reply. I went back to check to make sure the knob was working in the right direction adjusting the gain, and it was. But while checking I found my aileron A was not setup right and wasnt responding to the adjustment knob, Aileron B was. So I now have them both working right with the adjustment knob, I'll do another test flight and see if that solved my problem. Will keep you informed on results, thanks for your help.

  • I have the same problem, not only with the Ailerons, also with the elevator and rubber. I have double check the setup and everything looks ok. Also whe I check the Rubber 100% movemnt its ok but to fast, but with the Alerons and elevator movement its to slow. Im using 2 sbus R6208SB receivers.