Spektrum + iGyro News !!

  • Spektrum news!

    With the new SRXL output from Spektrum receivers, the iGyro installation has become easier. You no longer need additional satellite receivers if your receiver has an SRXL output. This SRXL output offers a digital signal transmission with all 18 channels!

    The iGyro with Software version V20 is now able to decode the digital datastream like an Spektrum XPLUS box. You can use all 18 channels for surface control or gyro controls like Gain or Flightmode

    To see how easy the installation is:

  • Hi Richard,

    I will try this connection pattern this week.

    A question that comes to mind: if I connect the SRXL port on my 9 channel receiver to the iGyro, then I can no longer attach the Xplus box, correct? Or, can I "Y" the iGyro and Xplus box to the SRXL port on the receiver?