IGYRO hook up with JR 12X

  • I want to use JR12X radio with a Powerbox SRS + an IGYRO. The wiring diagram on P.9 of the IGYRO manual shows 2 receivers with digital out
    connectors going to the IGYRO's BUS1 and BUS2 inputs. HOWEVER. the Current JR receivers do not have a serial output! SO how can I use my 12X with the IGYRO+SRS?


  • Hello,
    if you are using your 12X, thats Spektrum DSM2, than you don´t need aditional receivers with dig out!
    Just plug up to 3 satellites in the Spektrum sockets (manual page 3) and set the iGyro to DSM2 and digital out.

    You have to use DSM2 because it depends on the TX and not the RX-satellites.(manual page 10/11/12)
    It´s like the wiring diagramm on page 9, but instead of two receivers with dig out you are using 2 or 3 satellites, the other wires are identical.

    Than you have to set the tx-system in your PowerBox SRS to S-BUS, because the communication between the iGyro and the SRS-System is using S-BUS protocoll.
    Important: If you are using SRS PowerBox prior to firmware v12 the output mapping will be reset if you are changing the tx-system - in your case you have to change from DSM2 to S-BUS, if you have used the SRS with your Spektrum satellites!

    Hope it helps,

  • OK I am all hooked up (SRS+IGYRO) using JR satellite recievers. The SRS is set to S-BUS and the IGYRO is set to DSM2 and DIGI OUT THANKS
    but I notice that the IGYRO says "no sensor" for the GPS
    but there is one plugged in correctly with the black wire "up"

    does anything else need to be set?

  • Hi,

    the GPS starts to work when a signal comes from the remotes. So you have to bind your remotes first. After done that and the satellites have a solid state LED the GPS status will be: "SEARCHING". After 1 Minute: "LOGGED IN"

    Best regards

  • Hi
    I love your product and this forum. Geh3 is building this jet for me using the igyro and 12x and competition SRS. My question is if we use the igyro do we still get the use of the 2 receivers that are built into the power box unit for redundancy?

  • Hello,

    if you are using Spektrum, you have in sum 3 receivers. The satellites are the receivers in the Spekrum system. The iGyro or Powerbox uses the Digital bus signal coming out of them to control the servos. If one of the satellites has no signal, the SRS system selects another satellite.
    So yes, you have a multi receiver system.


  • OK for channel selection! I am using a JR 12X Transmitter programming an IGYRO+an SRS unit. The JR transmitter has named channels and not numbered channels SO how do I set up channels in the IGYRO AND the SRS?
    I am setting this up in a 3D Euro SO here are the following required functions:
    *Thrust vector YAW ( rudder)
    * Thrust vector pitch
    * Elevons ( Delta wing function in the IGYRO)
    * Throttle
    * LG up/down
    *Wheel brakes
    * Canard function ( another pitch control)
    *Nosewheel steering


  • OK so then I assume that the IGYRO handles the "Delta wing" mix?
    Than I need 1 more mix... rudder to nosewheel steering!
    is this done in the transmitter or using the SRS's servo matching function?

  • Hello,

    yes you are correct: The channel you have selected for AileronA and Elebvator A are the channels for the delta. The mixing is done in the iGyro. Don´t use the mixer in the transmitter.

    Output for rudder can be mapped to a match channel on the PowerBox. Then you have gyro for rudder on the whell and on surface.

    Best regards

  • You need to say the iGyro wth what channel you want to control for example Aileron. In the PowerBox you say on what output you want to connect the servo.

    In the iGyro it is "Input Mapping" in the PowerBox it is "Output Mapping"

    Best regards

  • If you have a delta mix programmed in the igyro and you want gyro on elevator and thrust vector do you just hook those to a match channel on the power pox and then will you have gyro on both elevator and thrust vector?

  • If I put any channel on elevator B it turns off the delta function automatically. Also on page 19 of the manual you talk about the solarium going the correct way. When you say right hand wing are you talking right hand wing as if you were sitting in the plane or right hand wing standing in front of the plane

  • I tested it:
    - Delta wing on.
    - Output AILE-A and ELEV-B Channel 1 and channel 2
    - Channel 9 to ELEV B.

    All is working fine- there must be an mistake in your adjustments.

    It doesn´t matter where you are standing, if you lift up a wing, the surface must also come up. This is just an example

  • Ok got the elev B working just fine. Next question. When i go to adjust my rates with the igyro in the delta function once I get above 100% only the left elevator goes up not the right. Any ideas. Using the 12x. As I think you know