Schematic, Royal SRS+Jeti

  • Hallo in die Runde, ich bin seit heute Mitglied des Forums.

    Und wie kann es anders sein, komme ich gleich mit einer Frage zur Telemetrie.

    Bin seid ein paar Tagen Besitzer einer Royal SRS und einer Jeti DS-16. in diesem Forum habe ich einiges zu dem Thema Telemetrie und Jeti-Anlagen gefunden. Soweit so gut!

    Allerdings würde ich gerne die Jeti-Telemetrie nicht an den Rsat2 Satellites anschließen, sondern gern an die Royal SRS. Der Grund ist, wenn der Satellit ausfällt, an dem die Telemetriemodule angeschlossen sind, fehlen mir diese Daten am Sender.

    Gibt es die Möglichkeit, die Telemetrie direkt am Royal SRS anzuschließen und wenn ja, welche Parameter müssen gesetzt sein und wie ist das Vorgehen?
    Habe ich vielen einen Post übersehen, in dem dieses Thema schon mal behandelt wurde? Wenn ja, wäre es nett, wenn ich diesen Link erhalten könnte.

    Schon jetzt bedanke ich mich für de so oft gelobten Support :)

    Liebe Grüße

  • Hello.

    I am thinking of buying the new Jeti DS24 for use with my Royal SRS v xx.7. How many channels will be available? Is .7 the latest factory update?

    Also on my mercury will I have 15 ch?


  • My current setup is Royal SRS + (2) Futaba 7003SB receivers + 18SZ Tx. I have Jeti DS24 on order and would like to use my Powerbox, but am unclear which receivers to support telemetry functions in the US.

    Would you advise on the supported Jeti Rx's that work with Powerbox and support telemetry?


  • Thanks!

    Unfortunately the EX R3 REX is not yet certified in the U.S.

    An ideal setup would be (1) EX R3 REX 2.4, (1) EX R3 REX 900Mghz & telemetry + Powerbox Royal SRS. Hope this works!


  • Update - I can confirm that EX REX 2.4GHz (2), configured for UDI protocol provides dual path Rx with telemetry to DS-24. male:male connection from PB TELE port to EXT port on Rx2 required to see PB generated telemetry. Not certain what is required for additional Jeti Duplex sensors? Works well!


    - PowerBox Royal

    - (2) Jeti Duplex EX REX 2.4

    - DS-24

    May try triple path (900MHz) down the road, but unlikely I'll need it where I fly.


  • Hi Richard

    I have got a powerbox royal SRS with integral iGyro, a GPS 2 and I want to use two Rsat 2 from Jeti.

    So what is the best setting for the powerbox royal srs using Jeti now in 2018 (before it was UDI but it seems to be not working anymore now)

    And is it possible to use the GPS 2 to regulate the IGyro and in the same time to provide the telemetry information to the Jeti DC16

    All equipement are in the last version of software


  • Hi Richard,

    I have

    a PowerBox Royal SRS with release V18.9,

    a Jeti DC16 with release 4.27

    and two Rsat2 with release V 3.25

    I followed the process you gave me (see below)

    " the Jeti UDI 16 protocoll is now available for the iGyro SRS, Cockpit/Competition SRS und Royal/Champion SRS. The software version of the R-SAT2 Satellites must be at least 3.24 (alternative Rex3 V1.03). Make following settings to get 16 channels + telemetry working:

    - Set the PowerBox TX-System to Jeti UDI. (done)

    - Bind the Jeti R-SAT2 inDual Path RF Mode: (done)

    - Advanced -> Wireless Modes/Trainer
    - Select Mode: Double Path
    - Bindingplug connected to both R-SAT2, pair primary TX-Modul, then pair secondary TX Module. (done)
    - Remove the Bindingplug. Connect both R-SAT2 with the PPM output and the PowerBox SRS input. (done)

    - Model -> Device Explorer

    - Select the first R-SAT2 in the list and adjust following:

    - Serieller Link: UDI (done)
    - General Settings:
    - Output Period: 10ms (only 9 or 12 available on Powerbox royal srs so 12 done)
    - PPM Settings: Direkt (done)
    - Failsafe: Disabled (done)

    - Go back with ESC and set up the second R-SAT2 identical (done)

    Connect the Ext. output of one of the R-Sats with the Telemetry input of the PowerBox. Done!
    Now you have 16 channels and full telemetry. Further Telemetry sensors can be connected to the second R-Sat (EXT) or you use the TeleExpander. "

    and it doesn't work. The Powerbox royal SRS recognize only 12 chanels and I need more than 12 (14).

    Can you let me know where is the issue ??????

    Thanks for your support

    Bests regards


  • Hello Richard

    So it means that Jeti doesn't keep UDI 16 in the upgrade release 3.25 ?? And then we should come back with an old software to get UDI 16 working ?? Strange ?? In general we go ahead and never back !!!

    Nevertheless, I will try but, the Jeti dc16 also propose PPM Positif or EX bus & PPM Positif witch are also proposed by the PowerBox Royal SRS (PPM or EX).

    Are they safe and reliable protocols to use between Jeti with the PowerBox Royal SRS ??

    And if I use one or the other (PPM or EX Bus) what are the gains and the lost regarding the number of chanels and telemetry for each protocole vs UDI16 ??

    Also hte powerbox Royal SRS propose as output périod : 9-12-15-18-21 witch one I should use instead of 10 ???

    Thank you



  • Hello,

    use 3.24 - seems UDI 16 is not in the new software. Don´t use EX- else you have no telemetry. PPM is a analog signal- bad resolution

    The framerate 9-12-15-18 is the servo framerate- different thing to the input framerate. Use 15ms for the most servos, working fine.