Hitec Brushless servos mit competition SRS

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    I want to use the newest Hitec HSB-9380TH servos with the powerbox competition SRS.
    Will this work flawlessly? Or will this setup need the PAD that comes with the servos?

    This is the article with the PAD information:

    June 2014: Brushless Servo Service Bulletin
    While compatible with most radio control devices, the regenerative braking feature of the HSB-9XXX series servos may cause a problem if the device cannot accept a backflow of current. The types of devices that cannot accept this backflow are: Voltage Regulators, Power Safe Receivers and certain BEC circuits whether stand alone or integrated within an Electronic Speed Control. Check with the manufacturer or the Hitec website for a list of compatible models. If your device cannot accept a current backflow, then you must install a PAD (Power Absorbing Device - Hitec PN# 55756) as described in this manual. A PAD is included with every Hitec brushless servo.

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