External LEDs on Evolution Spektrum

  • Having set up my newly purchased unit
    Batteries are 5 cell NiMH
    Battery type set up as 5 cel NiMH
    Output voltage left at default 5.9 volts

    Unit functions perfectly except the external output LEDs do not light

    Have I overlooked something or could it be a fault?

  • I am using the Evolution Powerbox with the Mag Sensor switch

    I connected the external LED's so that I can see when the Evolution is powered on. However I just get a flash on the LED's when I switch on.

    Is there any way that the LED's can stay on so that I can see when the unit is on? I am using the Mag Sensor because I don't want to drill big holes in my Plane I already installed the two LED. At the moment their in no way that i can see if the unit is on. Is there any mod I can do so that these LED's lite up

    Thank you very much


  • ok I do understand

    Just another question

    Can I connect my sparkswitch to the evolution Powerbox. At the moment I am running a extra battery for the sparkswitch. I would like to do away with the extra battery and run it direct from the evolution.