Futaba 14 sg and evolution

  • Hi All
    I am new to a power box setup and need some help. I have a ef extra 300 100cc 104". it runs 4 servos in the wings , 2 on tail , 2 on rudder and 1 on throttle. I have a 14 channel Fasst receiver and several 7 channel Fasst receivers.
    My first question is , is the evolution ok for this size model, 2nd is how would either receiver connect to the powerbox and finally are they easy to program. I am using savox servos in extra and they are all the same servo. If anyone has any pics of an evolution connected to futaba receivers that would be great.


  • Hello,

    in principle this PowerBox is o.k. for your model. Powersupply and double battery is good for that plane. But you have 2x Aileron servos and 2x Rudder on one surface. This servos will fight each other if running parallel without matching. The Evolution has no matching function integrated. The Professional would fit better for that model - featuring a 4 output matching function.

    You simply connect the receiver output to the PowerBox input. For example receiver left aileron to 1 of the PowerBox. Both aileron servos are connected to output 1 of the Powerbox.