No Telemetry data

  • Richard,

    My installation is as follows:
    Futaba 18MZ Editor v2.5.1 Encoder 2.2
    Futaba 7008SB receivers operating in dual. Telemetry is active. The teleconverter is plugged into the S-Bus 2 port of the primary receiver.
    Powerbox GPS II v0.1.0 set to Royal SRS in Terminal.
    Powerbox Teleconverter v0.3 set to T18MZ in Terminal.
    Powerbox Royal SRS v9.3

    Registered and installed the teleconverter as per instructions on this site. The only telemetry data received at the transmitter is the battery voltage. No Powerbox data is being received. I then performed the data reset (telemetry) and sensor reload. Still no Powerbox data received at the transmitter.

    A comparison of my transmitter settings were made with another successful teleconverter user and they are identical.

    Any suggestions or is it possible that I have a defective teleconverter?

    Best regards,

  • All wiring is correct and his been checked repeatedly. Transmitter programming is as instructed and identical to another Futaba / Powerbox user's programming. I've followed all steps in your tutorials in this forum also.