Control Surface Flutter at Switch On

  • Each time I turn on the receiver power after several minutes in the off state, all the control surfaces connected to the iGyro SRS flutter - this is only fixed by cycling the receiver power. The Tx is always on first.

    Is this normal? It doesn't seem to affect operation of the device.

    Receiver is Futaba R7008SB and Tx 14SG. 6volt NiMh battery

    iGyro firmware is v23


    Dave W

  • Hello Richard,

    Apologies for my delay to your prompt reply. The airplane with the device fitted crashed and I've only just reconnected as before in a new model. The crash was due to a failed mechanical power switch - no more mechanical switches for me - I've bought a sensor switch for this model.

    No, the control surfaces do not stop their motion when the servos or the surfaces are touched. It always goes away with a quick power cycle.



  • Richard,

    Thanks - as I said it doesn't seem to affect performance following a further power cycle. However, unexplained behaviour is always a bit worrying.

    I've just acquired another iGyro SRS so I'll swap them over and see if the problem persists



  • I had a similar problem.
    I think I may have cured it by disconnecting a s-bus decoder that was on the same Y lead as the iGyro. There was a stalled servo on it, which dragged the voltage down to 4.2 rather than the normal digiswitch 5.5 v
    Not completely convinced yet that the problems gone.