Schematic Royal SRS + Spektrum TM1000

  • Gilt auch für die Champion SRS!!

    Um die Telemetrie Möglichkeiten der Royal SRS auch mit dem Spektrum System zu nutzen benötigt man einen TM1000 Telemetrie Sender von Spektrum. Damit können Akkudaten und Empfangsdaten direkt im Sender Display angesehen werden.
    Im folgenden Bilder der Anschlüsse:

    To use the full functionality with the Royal SRS and the Spektrum System, you need a TM1000 Telemetry transmitter. With this equipment you get battery data and receiver data direct to your transmitterscreen. Find how to connect it here:

  • Successfully connected Royal SRS <-> TM1000 and bound all 4 receivers + TM1000. I can see voltage and remaining battery capacity on DX18G2 after configuring PowerBox in Telemetry submenu.

    My problem is when I turn off Royal SRS and turn back on, the TM1000 goes into bind mode everytime. The SRS + (4) receivers connect to DX18G2, but TM1000 enters bind mode on system boot.

    Any ideas what to do?


  • After trying another TM1000, I looked more closely at your reference picture and noticed orientation of the ground lead on the Royal SRS 'TELE' port. After inserting correctly, everything works!

    Thanks for your support!


  • I have the TM1000 connected only with the three wire data cable to the Powerbox Royal SRS and it appears to be working to see log data on my DX18 transmitter. I ordered the 4 wire cable to also connected from the X-Bus connector on the TM1000 to the Powerbox as shown in your photo (X-Bus Extension 6-inch SPMA9579).

    My question is that I would like to use the Kingtech turbine telemetry module that also plugs into the X-Bus port. Can I use it in my setup? Also what is the advantage of using the SPMA9579 cable?

    Here is a link to the Kingtech module

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Just to clear up for anyone else using the TM-1000, Your link points to a 3 wire Y-Harness which is used only for Spektrum sensors. The X Bus has 4 wires. I checked with Spektrum and they said that some X-Bus modules have a daisy chain connector so you can plug from one to the next. Unfortunately both the Powerbox and my Kingtech module are designed with one connector and must go on the end of the chain. An X Bus Y harness is not available. However, they said I could make up my own which would work fine.

  • Hello,

    I am new to this site, so please excuse me if I missed a post. I am using the same system as Fly2High. I have the Power Box Royal SRS w/ internal Gyro. I have the Kingtech K-180 with the KT-Telemetry module. And I purchased the Spektrum TM1000 telemetry module. I followed the instruction listed above to try and link just the TM1000 telemetry module directly to the Royal SRS. After replacing the X-bus cable, I was successful with binding the TM1000 to the Royal SRS. It was at this point, I turned on the Power Box telemetry within my DX 18 radio. However, though the radio shows that it is connected to the telemetry, it does not receive any telemetry data. I purchased 5 X-bus cables, and tried 2 other TM1000 from friends at the field who took the TM 1000 directly out of their plane with the system working, and I still had the same result on every try. The unit would bind, but the radio would receive no data.

    If you all have any information, could you please assist me? I also have pictures of the connection and Binding. The ultimate goal is to have the Royal SRS and the KT-Telemetry module connected to the TM1000 and the data received on my Spektrum DX18.



  • My apologies, the picture was cut off, but yes I did. I am using 4 satellites and all 4 plus the TM1000 binded, but there was just no telemetry data on the radio.

    I updated the DX18, and the power box. So all up to date. I had the same result with 3 different TM1000 and about 5 different connection cables.

    Is there an update for the Power Box that needs to be done?

    Do you have any suggestions to try?

    Thank you for your assistance.


  • I have been researching this and have found a software discrepancy with my unit. In the following menu, there was a telemetry select for spektrum, however, my unit does not have this. Am I missing an update?

  • To all, attached is a zip with the detailed instructions on how to connect your Spektrum radio system with your Power Box and Kingtech Telemetry system.After some digging another modeler helped me out so I want to share and expand on it to assist everyone else.

    Enjoy and good luck! Please read and understand the document all the way through before attempting the setup.


  • Thanks but I cant take the credit. AARONFORTH on RCU provided me the basic instructions. I just thought I would fill in the blank lines in between for others that come after me. It might be worth you all doing a video as I know three new jet pilots down here in the Tampa area whom I have helped with the same similar situation. Better to hear it from you all first hand though.