• I just received my new GPS II and plugged it into the misc channel on my Igyro 3, but it won't connect to the satellite. I don't have a USB adapter, but have the Bluetooth adapter. Can I update the GPS II with bluetooth or do I need the USB adapter? When I try to connect it, I have it outside in the open and the top hatch off my plane so it has a clear view of the sky. I waited about 1 1/2 minutes and it still didn't connect. I understand it is plug n play, so it seems I wouldn't have to update to get it to connect.

  • Yes, the receiver was on and the GPS II is plugged into the miscellaneous port of the Igyro. Is that correct? Also, the Igyro is now updated to V 3, so I assume when the Igryo was updated, that's all you have to do to update the GPS II?