Mercury SRS

  • Update History:
    V04 16.12.2016

    • BlueCom functions added, for a first issue you can adjust GENERAL SETTINGS and adjust SERVOMATCHING with the BlueCom adapter and mobile phone now
    • Boosted Gyro startup, Gyro doesn´t need an initialisation phase at startup anymore
    • Servo travel endpoints are stored in the memory now. No need to make a full throw stick movement at startup anymore
    • Zero Endpoint function added
    • Jeti telemetry baudrate optimized
  • Update History:

    V08 10.03.2018

    • Bugfix: gear up channel off jitter
    • Bugfix: sequencer expert menue stop position - servo doesn´t move
    • Bugfix: under certain conditions the sequencer outputs are not in the correct position at startup
  • Update History:

    V09 27.06.2019

    • New Gyro feature allows to select the Gyro characteristics
    • Improvement of the Gyro performance
    • Core P²-BUS support
    • Core telemetry support

    If you switch the radio system from M-Link, S.BUS or UDI - check the throw rates! The Core and P²-BUS have more travel than other bus systems! When you have mechanical endpoints in the model bring this channels to the center first to avoid burning servos!

    If you change the Gyro characteristics you may need to adjust the Gyro with the Testflight assistant new to get the full performance!