mercury and Jeti

  • Hello,

    the Mercury is not unstable- the Jeti receiver seems to make a bad UDI signal when it is in 24 channels mode. A UDI24 protokoll is not existing!

    Again: It doesn´t help you that you have spare channels on the receiver: it is not allowed to connect servos here! The Power supply to the receivers is fused to 500mA. If you connect servos here, the receiver will go off!

    The only thing which will make your setup work is a Royal SRS. You go in with UDI 16, then expand the output functions by servo matching.

  • OK I will leave well enough alone Richard.

    I am NOT connecting any functions to receiver.

    I am trying to get stable using Jeti DS16 multimode 24 and Mercury this is not possible at present.

    As soon as I disable Jeti multimode 24 all is good.

    Multimode enable and UDI protocol drops to 12 and occasionally gives UDI 16 mode.

    Multimode disabled UDI 16 mode stable.

    There is a problem.

  • I have done some more troubleshooting with the Mercury and the DS16 and RSAT's and receivers.

    I have rolled back to v3.24 multirotors version of UDI16 and now I can allocate in Input mapping up to 16 channels before I could only get to 12. Same in the output mapping now consistently getting Direct 16 allocation options. Then updated back to v3.25 and all goes haywire. Drop back to v3.24 and all is OK.

    Also before could not use 2 x RSAT's as could only go as far as 12 channels in input and output mapping.

    I have 2 x powerbox micro-match on elevators and flaps.

    1 - Throttle
    2 - Aileron 1
    3 - Flap
    4 - Aileron 2
    5 - Elevator
    6 - Rudder
    7 - Flightmode
    8 - Gain
    9 - Gear
    10 - Brakes
    11 - Nosewheel
    12 - Smoke
    13 - Lights
    14 - Vector Elevator
    15 - Door
    16 - Vector Rudder

    Smoke canisters replace Gain channel once gyro setup for correct gain.

    Setup assistant used to allocate all gyro operations.

    Nothing plugged into RSAT's except telemetry.

    Maybe some problem between Jeti v3.25 software and Mercury software.