Evolution Spectrum/ ESC operation

  • Hello,
    I have an Evolution Spectrum in My Sea Fury, the engine I'am using is the Moki 250 with electric starter. The engine instructions indicate using a 40amp esc for the starter, which is what I have installed. My question is the ESC. plugs into a channel of the evolution, which is programmed to operate power on/power off by a momentary switch on the transmitter. Power to the esc comes from a 3s lipo battery to drive the starter motor.
    However the ESC also provides power to the reciever at a nominal 5.8 volts. I do not have a strong knowledge of electronics, but will this not cause a problem, and potential damage to the receiver, if I power the evolution unit up and the ESC at the same time? If this is the case what is the solution to allow me to connect the ESC to the system without doing damage. I hope this makes sense. :?