Gyro Action Swapped Rudder to Elevator

  • Hello Richard (and others),

    I've set up my Mercury twice now from factory reset using the Set up assistant. All set up actions work fine and stick movements correctly taught to the assigned outputs (set to Acro).
    However the gyro action is coupled correctly:
    Pitch causes rudder movement
    Yaw causes elevator movement

    I haven't checked the roll axis and ailerons yet.

    The unit is mounted inverted, along the nose to tail axis with the wide-spaced screws at the nose end. The unit is mounted flat as required.
    The orientation process reports correct detection by raising the tail
    Firmware is v02
    Please advise what is going wrong with the set up.

    Also I assume that the terms GY AILE-R, GY, AILE-L, GY ELEV-R, GY ELEV-L, GY RUDD-A, GY RUDD-B noted in the manual are not used i.e the 'GY' prefix isn't used anymore.



  • Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    My initial attempts still failed. However I got the orientation to be detected correctly by quickly raising the tail at least 45-50 degrees and not rely on the progress bar on the display. This only worked if I raised the tail rapidly enough to prevent early false detection of the orientation.

    It seems like this feature needs a bit of adjustment.