Magic Jeti switch with 2 Jeti 10 channel receivers...

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    I was just reading the above post and I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. I bought the Magic Jeti switch and want to use it with my Power Box Mercury, I have a Jeti DC24 radio. I have two 2 JDEX-RR10-US receivers. Will the switch work with this set up? Or do I need the little 3 channel S-bus receiver?

  • The 2 RX hang on the PB.
    The Jeti Magic Switch must be looped between PB (as a replacement for the switch) and the Jeti RC switch. Then the PB can be switched on and off via the transmitter. The RC switch must be connected to the model memory and a switch must be allocated at least 2 channels. I hope it is written intelligibly

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  • I trying to use my Power box Royal with my Jeti transmitter. I have bound the two Jeti receivers. I have set up "Jeti UDI" on the Power Box and transmitter. I receive a message on the transmitter that it reads the to receivers yet I can get the servos to work. I have checked the servo assignment on the Jeti transmitter to ensure it matches the JR 12X I used to set it up. I get no response. Any suggestions.