Telemetry Output on Champion SRS

  • I've recently updated the software on my Champion SRS from V04 to V07. In V04 there is a menu option to select different telemetry protocols, but in V07 the menu option is no longer available. Does anyone know what the output protocol is? Does it automatically get selected based upon the Rx/Tx setting (SBUS, Hott, etc)?

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  • Thank you very much for the quick response. I'm trying read in some status information from the Champion SRS into a micro-controller. I am able to read the I2C data (as documented at…etry_Developers_Specs.pdf ) coming out of the port labeled as TELE that is supposed to be connected to a TM1000. Is there any additional data that is transmitted via the other TELE port? I'd really like to read the battery voltages, battery currents, regulator voltages, and receiver status (fades, holds, etc). What are the chances of this data being available via SBUS2, HOTT, or one of the other telemetry streams?

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  • What sensor Data is available if I were to use a Futaba SBUS system? Also, is the telemetry data still on the 3 pin TELE port, or does it get changed to the Data port with the V07 software? Since updating to V07, if I remember correctly, I have to use the TELE port to connect to my PC with the USB adapter that was included.