iGyro SRS with Hott

  • Dear Sir,

    I just tested my new iGyro SRS to be installed in my new jet. however, id doesn't seem to work.

    Graupner MC32 transmitter. Receivers tested: GR16, GR32. updated iGyro to Vs 25, receiver to latest version.
    iGyro connected to port 8 of GR16, signal set to SumD of 16.
    the iGyro just doesn't seem to recognise the signal from the receiver. servo's connected to the iGyro din't react, but work normally when connected to receiver. mapping set, FM set to ch 7, servo connected to port 7 of receiver moves, in setup assistant ch7 is not recognised....

    Defective iGyro, or something else?


  • Hello
    GR-16 and GR-32 SUMD of 16 is correct
    In the I Gyro SRS set to Hott
    Connect to GR-16 at channel 8 and GR-32 at S and to I Gyro as described in the instructions at the 2 correct inputs

    Equipment: DC-24, MZ-24 pro, MX-10, DX7
    PB Royal SRS, PB Competion SRS , IGyro SRS
    Hangar: Maule mit AXI 5360/18, Maule mit Mößle 4:1 Getriebe und Pyro 800-40L, KA 8 B, Orion V 3, Heim 3D und ein wenig Schaum

  • Dear Richard,

    I will try again tonight, but I did try with 3 different receivers.... GR16 on latest SW, set to sumd of 16, exited telemetry and rechecked afterwards, confirmed setting to sumd.
    also, no normal servo signal present at port 8...

    as a last resort I will test on one of the 2 GR32 receivers that are connected to a powerbox champion in my Skymaster Tomcat.


  • just thought of something:

    to test the setup out of a plane, i just took a free model in my transmitter, and didn't bother to program a failsafe, could this be the issue?


  • Problem solved, and lesson learnt... ;-)

    selecting the DIGITAL sum signal helped a lot.... ;-)

    Being a long time ago since I had to use the telemetry menu's of the Hott system, I had forgotten that one has the choice between an analog or digital sum signal. I had selected the analog signal. Reading through previous posts here made me aware of this......

    thx for the support!!