Evolution Spektrum

  • Hello I have a question regading the connection of the servos from the powerbox. I have a JR 12 channel radio DSMX and I need to know how to connect 2 servos for elevator, 2 servos for ailerons, 2 for flaps, 2 servos for rudder. I also requiere 1 slot for gear, another for brakes and finally another slot for lights. Keep in mind that I am using the Evolution Spektrum Powerbox which already have the servos outlets with its designations:

    _____Blank. Blank. Blank. AUX2

    This is pretty much how it looks like because I couldn't add the actual photo of the powerbox.

    Thanks to anyone for your help.

  • Hello,

    this can work if you make

    1x aileron- connect both to the aileron slot.
    2x elevator- seperate in the transmitter
    2x rudder- 2 rudderr slots
    2x flaps - seperate in the trasnmitter

    The rest as it is in the transmitter. To get one more free channel, you can use a MicroMatch for example for elevator, then you need only one elevator channel, the reversing is done in the Micromatch

  • Hello Richard,

    Thanks a lot for your fast response I highly appreciate it. Now you confirmed my doubts about Evolution Spektrum Powerbox that I may be missing a channel. According to your suggestion the option 1 without lights (no MicroMatch) will be:

    Er. Ar. Rfr. Fr. El.
    ___ Al. Rbc. N/U Fl.
    ___ T. G. B.

    And option 2 with MicroMatch for Elevator leaving an extra channel for lights will be:

    E. Ar. Rfr. Fr. Lgt.
    ___ Al. Rbc. N/U Fl.
    ___ T. G. B.

    E elevators when using one channel and MicroMatch for two servos
    Er. Elevator right
    El. Elevator left
    Rfr. Rudder front for nose wheel steering
    Rbc. The actual rudder at the end of the vertical fin
    Ar. Aileron right
    Al. Aileron left
    N/U not in use
    Fr. Flap right
    Fl. Flap left
    Lgt. Lights
    T. Throttle
    G. Landing gear
    B. Wheel brakes.

    Could you confirm the above statement please? And one last question about the MicroMatch:
    How many MicroMatch can be used on the PowerBox to release more channels? I use Mac/iPhone/iPad is it completely compatible for programming it?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Hallo Herr Deutsch,

    auf der ProWing 2017 bekam ich die Auskunft, dass die Powerbox Evolution Spektrum DSM2 auf DSMX geupdated werden kann.

    Die DSMX-Satelliten habe ich mir inzwischen besorgt.

    Was soll ich Ihnen für das Update schicken?

    Nur die Powerbox selbst oder auch Schalter, Satelliten, Kabel etc.?

    Einfach als Reparaturauftrag mit dem Formular von Ihrer Homepage?

    Vielen Dank für eine kleine Info & Beste Grüße!


  • Hi Richard.

    I own a PowerBox Spektrum Evolution, a DX18 Tx and need to set up a 100cc airplane with the following servo requirements:

    4 servos for both ailerons (2 servos each aileron)

    2 servos on rudder

    2 servos for both elevators (1 servo each elevator)

    1 servo for throttle

    (The PowerBox will be used as a receiver with three DSMX satellite antennas)

    Its my first PowerBox experience, so please excuse my basic approach.

    I will appreciate it if you could help me with a couple of questions :

    1. In order to match/balance the aileron and rudder servos, can I use the balance function available on the DX18? (Function designed to prevent bind on surfaces with multi servos)

    2. If the answer is positive, and assuming you will require one channel per servo, (in order to balance and adjust travel independently), can you please indicate your suggestion into which servo slots of the Powerbox the servos are to be connected? (Not all the slots are designated)

    The following chart simulates the PowerBox servo slot layout with my best estimated connections.

    Please feel free to indicate your suggestions by modifying the chart as you determine is best

    Elev. Right Ail.Right 1 Rudd 1 Ail. Left 1 Not used
    ________ Ail.Right 2 Rudd 2 Ail. Left 2 Elev. Left
    Bind/ Data Throttle Not used Not used ________

    Thank you for your valuable expertise,.....and will hope to hear from you soon.

    Que tengas un buen día (Have a nice day)

    Enrique Ihnen

    Santiago, Chile

  • Hello,

    you can do the matching on your transmitter if you get it done to put the 2nd Aileron/rudder to free outputs. For example Gear, Aux3, Aux4.

    Else you can use a Micromatch to do that. If you don´t already own this PowerBox - I recommend the Competition SRS which has a servomatching function included.

  • Thank you Richard.

    I appreciate your quick and precise response.

    Now I realize the Competition SRS was a better option, but I already own the Evolution and will have to do my best with it. Hopefully, I will manage.

    Thanks again,

    Enrique Ihnen

  • Hi Richard.

    Based on the following components I´m considering for a 100cc airplane :

    • DX18 Tx

    • PowerBox Spektrum Evolution

    • 4 servos for both ailerons (2 servos each aileron)

    • 2 servos on rudder

    • 2 servos for both elevators (1 servo each elevator)

    • 1 servo for throttle

    Is it possible to use an iGyro SRS or iGyro 3e?

    If so, how would you connect the second servos for each aileron, rudder and elevator?

    Thanks again

    Enrique Ihnen

  • Hi Richard.

    As mentioned before, I own a Spektrum DX18 and a 100cc acro airplane with 4 aileron, 2 rudder and 2 elevator servos.

    Now I´m evaluating the possibility of buying from a friend a new PB Cockpit SRS and a Cortex Pro Gyro

    Considering such a setup :

    • Can the 8 servos be matched / balanced via the Cockpit SRS?

    • Can the satellite (remote) receivers be connected directly to the Cockpit SRS?

    • Will it be possible to connect and operate the Cortex Pro Gyro?

    • Or will it be a better and simpler option to buy the Mercury Powerbox, with everything included?

    I appreciate your advise,..... and please excuse my basic questions.

    Enrique Ihnen

  • Hello,

    • yes- the Cockpit can match 8 servos on 4 channels
    • if you want to use the Cortex- it sits between Satellites and PowerBox
    • Maybe - if the Pro can have a Spektrum satellite input and S.BUS output
    • Yes- it´s much simpler and I think cheaper. Gyro 299+ Cockpit 349 = 648€ - the Mercury is 399€. The Mercury has 15 match channels - each seperate and much other features,
  • Hello Richard.

    I want to switch the voltage from 5.9 to 7.4 volts on a PowerBox Evolution Spektrum.

    The manual indicates on P9 ,... "The change must be carried out for each of the two voltage regulators..."

    I don´t understand what is meant by "must be carried out for each of the two voltage regulators..."

    Does this operation have to be done two times? ( Previously the manual indicates it "only needs to be carried out once...")

    Please explain how it is done, because I´m a little bit confused and don´t want to screw up the system.

    Thank you very much.

  • Pease excuse me, but I want to clarify the procedure to switch voltage from 5.9 to 7.4 v.

    Is the process done only once, by simultaneous connecting the two batteries (1 battery on each regulator) ?

    Or you have to do the process two times?

    If it has to be done two times, how do you select the regulator to which you want to change voltage?

    Thanks again