Understanding what I need and making sure my set up is right

  • Hey Guys,
    I have never used a BUS system before so I'm looking for some knowledge to make sure I dont spend alot of money that I shouldnt. I am currently gathering the equipment needed for a plane I have ordered from Chief, the plane is a 50% Yak 54, it will carry a #w 342 engine and 3 servos on each wing, 2 servos on each Stab, 3 servos on the rudder, one servo for the throttle and one for the choke. 15 servos total, typically I used Smart fly products and until about 2 months ago they worked fine for me. I was flying a 40% Edge and lost all control of the plane, because the wreckage was such a mess I couldnt ever really tell what happen but my guess was something on the main board burned out because I lost all power and about 7K. So I am going to switch products and begin using the Power systems products. I understand that equipment you install in a plane is only as good as the person that installs it and how they install it. I can install the most expensive products in my plane but if they are not set up correctly they are any better than a 6 channel receiver and an old battery.
    This is why I am looking for as much advice as I can get to gain some knowledge before I purchase what I need. I dont mind spending money as long as I get my moneys worth which comes with piece of mind that when I take off and do a bunch of spins, rolls and other maneuvers that everything in the plane will keep working and stay in place until I land safely.

    So I told you about the plane, the servos I am going to use are still to be determined, some of the Power systems people recommend special servos that work along side the Power systems which brings me to my first question. Is it a good idea to use the servos made by Powerbox and if so why? I typically use MK servos, namely the MK-777. If they will work fine with this plane and set up I will probably use them again.

    The Power box I am looking at is the (PowerBox Royal Spektrum, w/Built-In 12-Ch Receiver, LCD, Switch & Programmer), mainly because it has the receiver built in, I dont know if this is a good thing or not, please help me out and let me know why this might be good or bad.

    I guess I should tell you I use a JR 11X radio, I have been told that this radio will not work with the JR bus system so if I go that route I'm looking at a new radio as well. Is that the case with the Power box systems as well?

    If someone or a few guys want to chime in a give me some advice I would be thankful, maybe i'm headed down the wrong road altogether, if this is the case please turn me aroun d and point me in the right direction. Either way, thanks for the help and maybe someday I can return the favor.

  • Hello,

    of course you can use any servos with the PowerBox. The Spektrum Royal will fit for this plane, or you use the newer Champion SRS which also needs only satellite receivers connected. The Champion has the programming completely in the menue and the switch, no extra programmer necessary.

    Voltage regulation and servo matching is included in both systems. If you intend to have a gyro you should switch to Royal SRS, which includes the gyro.