I have 5 questions..

  • Hi all,

    I have 5 questions about my newly purchased Evolution:

    1) Is there any difference between Evolution and Evolution 40/16?

    2) Do I really need to put the Sensor Switch (SS) on the airplane or I just need to set up the Evolution to "ON" with the SS, then in future just plug in the battery to switch it on without the SS?

    3) Can I use 2 batteries of the same voltage BUT of different capacity (mAh)? For eg. Battery 1 is 2600mah whereas Battery 2 is just 1000mah.

    4) Of the 2 Batteries used on the Evolution, which power is the unit actually using? Battery 1? Battery 2? Or both at the same time?

    5) There is no light coming out from the 2 supplied external LED. Is that normal?

    Any input will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  • Hello,

    here the answers:

    1. Yes- the new one is more powerful and has one more channel
    2. You can do that
    3. Different batteries are working, but not good, because one will be drained earlier
    4. Both at the same time
    5. The external LED only lights when batteriy is empty