Gain Channel Setting and Individual Control Gains

  • Hello

    I'm new to setting up the 3e, being more used to the iGyro SRS with its ability to control all gain values by assigned channels and permanently store fixed values.

    I understand how the 3e uses a single channel to control the gain of all gyro axes in heading and rate modes. I understand that the values, once determined by flight testing, must be programmed into the transmitter as a fixed signal controlled by a switch.

    I can also see that the Powerbox Terminal program allows each of the axes' gains to be set individually.

    What is the relationship between the gain channel value and the individual setting value? I can see that the gain channel still varies the individual channel gain unless the latter is set to 0%. Is the actual/final gain a multiplication of the two percentage values?

    My experience with the iGyro SRS and most of my airplanes, is that roll axis gain is always less than the other axes, in some cases much less.

    Apologies if this has been covered - I looked but couldn't see a similar question in this forum.