Power Box and electronic ignition

  • Can I hook my electronic ignition to the Power Box Evolution without worry about feedback in the the receiver or should I add another battery for that purpose as well? I have had issues with the ignition and receiver hooked to the same battery.
    Thanks again for guidance.

  • I guess I don't understand. I had a question about electric retracts last week, but I just started a new hanger 9 ARF and they had both engine module and receiver on the same battery. Everything was working perfectly until I started it. The engine ran great but the control surfaces bounced uncontrollably. I called Horizon wand they said that they have had trouble with it. This thing is unflyable as is. Going to put another battery in the plane for the engine. Just trying to avoid the same problems with this Bear Cat. The engine for this plane is a 4 cycle radial. Thanks for your time