Jeti receiver/sequencer/servo set up/gyro gain input

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    I have with great success been using Jeti's products for a few years now, however in combination with cortex gyros (cortex/cortex pro) this gives a few issues and safety issues too when using Central Box 200, one being that the idea with servo protection is totally bypassed when connecting servos through the gyro the other issue is that Cortex Pro don't support Jeti telemetry (RSAT 1 and 2 are connected to CB 200 Through the Cortex Pro), and the only way to get telemetry is to have a 3rd receiver, nevertheless servo protection is still not accomplished in neither setup. All in all I end up having a lot of components in my planes and the no servo safety! Cortex are supposed to come out with a updated firm ware that will support telemetry however the central box protection of servos is still by-passed unfortunately.
    My planes are not getting cheaper so I have started looking for another option and power box seem to have solved the combination of gyro and servo protection with their integrated system and I now see that the new Mercury SRS supports Jeti RSAT system, I have no experience with PowerBox and hope this forum can clear a few questions for me:

    1. Does PowerBox support Jeti telemetry sensors?
    2. Can i still use Jeti's TX sequencer programming ? as this is brilliant.
    3. Can is still use Jeti's servo TX servo setup and balancing ?
    4. Powerbox use GPS calculated speed for gyro setting, but i don't see any option for pitot sensors, which is much better on windy days as you get true AIS, is their any such sensor in development, as i see that Jetis MSPEED protocol is not supported by PowerBox.
    5. With two batteries as main power and backup can I power supply the ignition system (turbine/gas) from the power box (royal I believe would be the only option) like on ALEWINGS unipower system? which will give me back up to all systems with only two batteries!

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  • Hello,

    1. Yes- you can connect the Mercury to the telemetry. You get battery, Receiver and GPS data to the transmitter screen
    2. Yes- you can use it, but once you have used the PowerBox sequencer assistant you will not use Jeti´s anymore. Also you only need one channel for the gear, not one for each door
    3. The model adjustment is done like before in the transmitter. Servomatching in the PowerBox is easy and can save a lot of channels.
    4. GPS is perfect for this application. Wind doesn´t influence the result of gyro speed compensation. Pitit is often too much effort to put it in the model.
    5. This will not work. The risk of getting interference or static charge into the electronics is to high. Never seen the Alwing system, but they also will not be able to trick out physics.
    We have the SparkSwitch for this, to seperate ignition and receiver electronics by optocouplers.

  • Thanks Richard for clearing my questions, I can now understand the advantages of your PowerBox system, good point on the speed input for gyro gain adjustment.
    Alewings split their power management and servo management in two units hence they can power turbine ECU or ignition from same unit, however you end up with more units.
    Thanks again for clarifying my PowerBox questions