New to powerboxes

  • I am new to powerbox and no one in our area is using one for me to ask. I am assembling an large aerobatic jet and think the the mercury is ideal with the built in gyro and GPS. I am using a Futaba 18mz. I would like to use the internal GPS and send that down to my transmitter. I would like to use 2 receivers. Other than the powerbox what else do I need to use the GPS info to my receiver and which futaba receivers are used more than others


  • Richard:

    Trying to open up another selectable output channel. Can I set the plane to aerobatic and only have 4 retract sequencers. I only need one, no doors, only brakes. Than can I change aileron 3 and 4 to flaps 1 and 2?


  • Hello Richard

    Trying to make sure I purchase the correct equipment. I was reading the teleconverter manual and I am a little confused. If I use the converter in a Mercury with GPS this info can be displayed on a Futaba 18 MZ. No one in our local club is using one so i will be the first and want to do it correctly
    Sorry for all the questions.


    "Richard Deutsch" wrote:


    yes- of course. If you don´t need the sequencer outputs, you can use them for other functions

  • Hello Richard again:

    I ordered the Mercury SRS along with a teleconverter from a dealer in USA Today. I also found several YouTube videos that are helpful. In one they show that the teleconverter must be switched over from Curr Sensor to PowerBox sensor to receive all the data. Should I have purchased this Blue Com Adapter also to accomplish this.


  • I also don't need the door sequencers, how do I assign them as additional
    "Direct" channels? I'm using a Spektrum DX18G2. I have tried
    Adjusting the input channels as well as the output channels with no luck.
    Thanks for the help.


  • thanks, got it sorted out. My problem was that I only had 12
    Direct channels available and I need 13. I read on another
    thread here are this forum that I need to set the radio
    type to DSMX18 to make all 18 channels available,
    that's the step I missed.

    Thanks again for the help, much appreciated.


  • Richard: I plan on using 2-7008 Futaba receivers and saw something about they may need to be updated. There was a test I saw somewhere to determine if they needed this update. Something about watching the lost frame counter, but I can't seem to find it. Can't you explain the test again. Thanks

  • Richard:

    I have been prigrammming the PB and doing it several times to become familiar with it. One question I have is what is the distance parameter mean. I understand distance traveled but what is distance. Is that distance from where the plane was started at?


  • Hi,

    I have obtained two Gemini2 units and they both work well but can I parallel the two outputs up to power the Power Expander SRS unit?

    Your instruction manual doesn't mention anything about doing this and I do not particularly want to damage either unit

    Regards and thanks