• Hi all

    I have a powerbox battery 1500 that came with an aircraft last year and which I had the cells replaced in (by powerbox) before using.

    All has been well with the battery for months but now when I try and charge it I get the charging led for about 10 seconds then it goes out but I get no green led after it has gone out.
    I assume that it is doing this because the charger has detected a fault with the pack. :cry:

    I have checked the pack voltage and it seems to be half charged (7.6v) but the voltage doesnt increase if its left plugged in.

    Is this battery in need of a service or is there a way too reset the charger function to try charging again? I've tried several times but only get the red led for about 10 seconds.


  • I have 3 batteries in my plane. Two 2800's and one 4000mah . When I charge the 2800's the remote light is red then turns green when the battery is charged. On the 4000mah battery the remote light does not work at all. I returned the battery for replacement and have the same issue with the new one. Thanks, David

  • OK thanks. I wonder why the 2800's have loading indicators when the 4000 does not. When charging the 2880's the remote light is red and then turns green when the battery is charged. Now I have to take the wing off to see if the 4000 is charged.