royal srs update

  • Hello Richard the questions is I have the older silver case royal SRS I know it needs a software update but does it need any hardware updates I fly futaba and will be using 7008.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    if you tell me your version, I can say you if it makes sense to update it.

    There are always two numbers: for example: 17.9

    The first numbers is the version of the main controller - this can be updated with a USB wire.

    The second number: .9 is the signal contoller - can be updated only in the factory.

  • Royal SRS

    Update History:

    V17 23.10.2017

    • Menue Bugfix: General settings -> Mixer selection
    • Added Delta x2 option in the Setup Assistant

    Equipment: DC-24, MZ-24 pro, MX-10, DX7
    PB Royal SRS, PB Competion SRS , IGyro SRS
    Hangar: Maule mit AXI 5360/18, Maule mit Mößle 4:1 Getriebe und Pyro 800-40L, KA 8 B, Orion V 3, Heim 3D und ein wenig Schaum

  • Hello Richard,

    First of all , happy new year 2018 for all the people in Powerbox company .

    Talking about Royal SRS today morning by bluecom i tried to update my royal srs and by my mistake i turn off the Royal unit, after that i turned on and ohhhh!!!!! doesnt work nothing at all, screen white, some air valves flashing , and worse situation the program in my phone S7 Galaxy said NO DEVICE CONNECTED , i reconnect many times even erase the android program and reload, and nothing.

    Can you tell what can i do?

    Many Thanks in advance.

    Eugenio From Chile

  • hi , my big problem is the royal, because is not working, screen blank in white, some air valves flashing and do not respond on any button or menu, thinking in loose my total programming, does exist any method to factory reset the unit?

    Or you advice to me rescue it by bluecom?

    Thanks Richard

  • Thanks you Ingmar, no i never has been running rescue, how i can do it?, the PW doesn´t show nothing at all, and bluecom either, even not show update like option, only the button quick connect, and that button not be able to push it. :(