Futaba and Competition SRS Failsafe problems

  • Hello,

    I have a Competition SRS connected via S.Bus to 2x Futaba 7003 receivers. There are 8 MKS 380 servos, a Powerbox smoke pump and a TechAero IBEC connected to the powerbox. When I turn my TX off sometimes the servos move to the failsafe position programmed by the TX and sometimes the servos move to the Powerbox failsafe position. It seems random as to which failsafe activates.

    Additionally, I was doing some range testing and at the edge of the range the servos began moving very erratically instead of going into failsafe. This does not seem to be working correctly, to me.

    Could there be a malfunction or setup error with the Powerbox?

  • Hi,

    I have 2 x Futaba R7008SB receivers, iGyro SRS and Competition SRS and have no luck to activate failsafe to throttle channel.

    I tested this shutting down TX, but throttle won't go to zero.

    In Futaba all channels are in HOLD like you said in earlier post and I have saved those channel positions directly from Competition SRS. Is there something to do that iGyro SRS is between Futaba receivers and Competition SRS?