PB Transmitter

  • Hi,

    I can read that Powerbox Systems recently became distriubutor in Europe for MKS servos (Taiwan).
    1. Will it be in the future support for PowerBox own bus, P-BUS with some of the MKS Servos?
    2. Any plans to have telemetry from MKS servos in the future so important data can be displayed, logged and alarm be set on important tresholds on servo telemetry data?

    3. Will MKS servos be possible to program from CORE radio in the future?

    Servo telemetry is a rather new area, I think only Jeti/Hacker with their Ditex servos, Futaba with S.BUS2 servos with Futaba SBS-01S S.BUS2 Servo Sensor and Graupner has also some telemetry servos (to be used with two of their surface/car radios) is the only manufacturer that can offer servo telemetry today?

    I have never used any MKS servos so I do not know how good they are (I use almost only Futaba S.BUS and S.BUS2 servos today).

    It is little strange that PowerBox Systems is not yet listed on MKS Servo distriubutor list on their hompage:



  • Hi,

    Does the CORE transmitter have vibration feature, for telemetry alerts and timer alerts, as an alternative to visual diplay and audio alerts?

    If not, is that a feature that would be possible to implement in present transmitter later on as a physcial add-on vibration module/motor in the transmitter or vibrating motor in the sticks (stick shakers) and software upgrade?

    There are some transmitters that has vibration built in. Vibrating sticks for example in Jeti DC/DS-24, or the transmitter box vibrating for example on some of the FrSky transmitters like S12X. Multiples has also some transmitters with vibration as well as Graupner/SJ transmitter MZ-32. Futaba has also telemetry and timer vibration on most of their transmitters (18MZ/18MZ WC, 18SZ, 16SZ, 14SG, 12K, 10J, 8J, 6K).

    Just curious about CORE transmitter and if there is or will be vibration in it.