Sparkswitch identification

  • I have the 5.5v (Moki), 5.9v & 7.4v versions of the Sparkswitch in my box of parts. I need help in identifying which one is which. The 5.5v has a stamp on it, so I can easily identify, but the others do not. Does blue label = 5.9v, black = 7.4v? I have a blue, but is doesn't have an output voltage.


  • I am in Canada and purchased a spark switch in Florda this past January, I installed it in a plane and worked fine I am home now and reinstalling it in another plane the switch was in a crash that the wires were pulled out of the switch no other physical damage to the switch.

    I am using a spectrum 7s radio a 7.4 volt battery using the same setup as the original plane and can not get the led light to function. not sure if the switch is damaged but no signs of such.

    Is there something that you can help me with please