Competition SRS and Jeti

  • I have a Competition SRS that I would like to use with my Jeti radio along with my Cortex Pro. First is it all compatible. And how would I setup the competition to work with my Jeti Radio and Cortex Pro Gyro. I hear now cortex pro is compatible with the Jeti for setup through transmitter. But how do I wire everything up. This will go in a jet. How many R3 receivers to I need? For the right setup? Would like to use one for remote switch

  • Hello,

    first of all: the iGyro SRS would be the correct unit. GPS optional- good for Jets, fully compatible, Software proven for years.

    I don´t know if this gyro is compatible - I assume that it has UDI input and output, so the receivers go with UDI into Gyro and from Gyro you can go with UDI into the PowerBox.

    I also don´t know if you can connect one or two R3 receivers, I never had worked with this unit.

  • i have 1 Rsat2 und 1 Rex3 with UDI on I Gyro SRS

    The I Gyro go into Competion SRS and it works fine

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