iGyro 3e -copying gain settings across from analogue knob/ slider to digital switch

  • Good day

    I just purchased my first iGyro 3e. I am happy to report all the gain settings on all surfaces are working correctly on the ground ( both normal gain and Heading gain ).

    I understand that I first set the gain settings on a slider or knob, and once set up in flight I will transfer it to a 3 point switch. I also understand to that I need to adjust the 3 way switch end points to match the gain settings determined on the slider or knob. I am using a KNOB on my DX9 transmitter to determine the gain in flight. I realised afterwards, that the KNOB on the DX9 is ANALOGUE, whereas the 3 way switch to which the gain settings will be transferred across to, is DIGITAL.

    My question is: Will there be a measuring inaccuracy copying gain settings from an analogue knob switch to a digital switch? i.e. Are the measuring parameters to measure gain on an analogue switch different to the measuring parameters of the digital switch. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to getting my jet up in the air.