Re: preflight igyro 3e end point calibration

  • Good day.

    My igyro 3e is working perfectly. Just a question: The quick manual says to do a precheck of all flight control surfaces before every single flight, I'm assuming in order to get the iGyro to recognize the transmitter mid stick positions.

    Do I have to do this pre-flight check every time using full rates? Or will it work doing the check on low rates, even if I happen to fly full rates in flight ?

  • Hello BKav,

    you should use full rates for the precheck. If you use low rates, you will loose gyroeffect.

    The good point is, the iGyro also learns endpositions in flight. So if you did the precheck with low rates accidently, and switch to full rates in flight, the iGyro will learn the higher rates also during flight.

    Anyway, its recommended to use full rates for the precheck.