dsm 2 and dsmx

  • Hi,

    Ive just bought my third powerbox. A mercury SRS igyro. whooo hooo!

    However, I am a little concerned, on my competition and cockpits i have mixed DSM2 satellites with DSMX on a single powerbox. The modulation set to DSM2 (for the transmitter)

    Now i read that mixing satellite types on the same main unit is not good. Does mixing satellite types on a powerbox cause problems?

    (i hope not, because I cannot remember what satellites are where and in what plane :shock::shock::shock:)



  • Ciao,

    If I where you, I'll try to keep the same type of satellite on eachmodel.

    Each model should have only DSM2 or DSMX satellites.

    The reason is because if you mix them, they will use the lowest protocol version: DSM2.

    At the end if you mix them you can use only that "old" protocol.

    You own a good radio DSMX capable and some DSMX satellites.

    Why don't use the new protocol? You have just to rearrange satellites and rebind.

    The DSMX protocol take advantages of frequency hopping instead of only two random fixed channel of DSM2.