i Gyro 1e in f3b glider

  • I have difficulties keeping the model straight when I throw it during a winch launch. I have ordered a 1e to control the ailerons during the initial phase of the launch. I have now seen that the 1e would have to lie across the fuselage to get the orientation of the device correct. The fuselage is too narrow for it to fit in this orientation. I then thought that controlling yaw would be as effective but the model has a V tail with rudder and elevator mixed by the transmitter. I feel that the 1e would probably not work in this scenario - am I correct and should I cancel my order?

    Your advertising does mention the use of the 1e in narrow fuselage models such as F3B and F5J. most F5J models have a separate rudder and elevator, F3B models almost 100% have V tails.

    Thanks, Paul