Spektrum & Powerbox Professional Telemetry

  • Hello,

    I have an Spektrum AR9030T receiver and an Powerbox professional.

    I have a 4 pin xbus extension cable, wich fits in the spektrum telemetry port on the powerbox.

    If i put this in my receiver Xbus port this has to work ?

    Because when i do, i don't get any information.

    I bought the powerbox 2 weeks ago, and don't know wich software version i have.

    I can select spektrum telemetry on my powerbox, but it doesnt work right now.

    Can you please help me ?

  • Hello dgcyf,

    I still have this problem, and horizon tells me they don't support after market products.

    I now have a new plane incomming, with a new powerbox professional and a AR9320T receiver, and i hope this will work now.

    Is there anyone else who has the same problem, or solved this ?

  • Hello,

    seems this new receiver type don´t work anymore with the telemetry...

    Hello Richard,

    You're right, with the TM1000 module works perfectly, however with the new receivers with built-in telemetry don't take data through the x-bus port.

    I sent an email to Horizonhobby support (Spektrum distributor), I'll see if they give me a solution.



  • OK- let me know what they say.

    Hi Richard,

    I opened a case to Horizon Hobby and this is the answer:

    "We certainly appreciate you reaching out to product support. The only thing we can assume is that because the "T" integrated receivers have the telemetry built into the receiver.

    They do not function with a TM1000. Further, we're unfamiliar with the powerbox systems but they may not work with the "T" integrated receivers because of it being built into the receiver.

    Kind Regards
    Todd || Product Support || Email Supervisor
    Horizon Hobby, LLC"

    Searching in other forums (rcgroups) I've found a better answer from Andy of Spektrum Dev Team:

    "You may need to have Richard update the code in your unit. The new T-series receivers are much faster than the old TM1000 that we had when he developed the PowerBox. It may be that he needs to update his code to work with the faster receivers. Several vendors found that necessary.

    It could also be a bad cable. Make sure the cable works by using it with another telemetry device.


    Original link: https://www.rcgroups.com/forum…ox-and-Spektrum-telemetry

    Anyway Richard, is it possible to solve it?

  • Hello,

    I´m sorry to say that we actually have no capacity to solve that. We will take care for that to a later time.

    I only can say that the Spektrum telemetry is a really separate thing as they don´t use a bus with 3 wires like all others do. They are using 4-wire I²C bus which makes it necessary for other hardware and protocol. We are thinking about not to support Spektrum telemetry anymore in future for this reaon. An other reason is that they tend to exclude other manufacturers from making 3rd party products.

    It´s not an open system as our Core, which allows every sensor manufacturer to use the bus!

  • Hallo

    Also ich finde das ist eine Frechheit... ihr bewerbt euer Produkt mit Spektrum Telemetrie und dann Funktioniert es nicht einmal mit den neuen Empfängern?

    Für mich war das mit ein Kaufgrund...

    Und nein TM1000 und AR8010T zusammen funktioniert nicht, das habe ich gerade versucht.