Why when I go into Servo matching does it clear my gear/door sequencing?

  • Hi,

    I'm having a real issue with 2 of my Mercury SRS units (updated to the latest version) where each time I go into the "Servo Matching" screen to make slight adjustments to a channel it clears ALL of my gear/doors sequencing that was previously setup.

    This has happen every time I do this plus if as I do, use one of the door preset channels for something else (in my case the wheel brakes) it removes this as well.

    The effect is that every time I make any servo matching changes I have to go through the sequencer setup of gear and doors - thankfully in my case its only gear and 1 door!

    You only need to select and enter into the Servo Matching screen (not even make any changes) and it reset the sequencer.

    Can you check please or I could send you a video if needed.



  • Hi Richard,

    So I have retract valve (in C) and door servo (in F), they are in the befault locations (1 nose door only though).

    As for the brake valve its in "O" as I needed to use this channel

  • Hi Richard,

    OK spent some time on this and I think there is a small issue but its not what I originally thought was going on.

    Here is the video link- but the problem now is different and the video does show it.

    So what is actually going on is the nothing is being reset, but when you go into "Servo Matching" and back out, the sequencer does not operate, in fact you either need to turn the unit off or once you go into "Servo Matching" and out again you need to just go into sequencer assistant (not make any changes) and back out again. Then nothing gets changed and the sequencer works again.

    Hope that makes sense?

    Once you are done with the video I'll remove it.

  • Hello,

    thank you for that! I made the V07 ready today, with a really nice new feature. I saw the video and I found the error after 2 minutes. When you enter the servomatching the sequencer function is locked- but I forgot to unlock it... I will fix it with V07. It´s nothing dangerous for normal function.

    This version V07 will be tested tomorrow and on monday - then we can release it.

    Thank you for your patience!