• I am trying to set up the gyro on my Mercury in a 1/6 F-16. While testing before flight in the test fly assistant, gain set about 30%, I noticed the right stabilator is "jumping" in the mid rpm range as I increase and decrease the throttle setting. Seems to be at a certain RPM only. Do you have any thoughts on what may be causing this issue?

    Thank you,


  • Hello,

    this is the gyro sensor - it´s sensitive to turbine noise. All gyros on the market have this problem more or less. It strongly depends on the mounting situation in the model. If the Mercury is close to the turbine - the problem is stronger. If there is nothing in between the turbine and Gyro- the problem is stronger.

    We have three solutions for that:

    1. A noise cover, we can send to you

    2. Replacing the sensor (made in factory) with another type

    3. Place the Mercury to another position, or make a frame before the Mercury if possible...

    The first one is the easist- we should try this before we go the other two steps. Please send me your adress with phone number by privat message.

  • I've flown my jet 20 times without any problems at all - until 3 flights ago - after landing the right aileron was up by around 30 degrees but still operating normally - the servo had decided this was its new center position - this must have occurred after landing as it hadn't been noticeable in flight. I stripped out the servo and checked the horn, checked all the wiring into the Competition and to the servo - all ok. Before the next flight all seemed to be working correctly - checked all the surfaces - taxied and flew it again landing without incident. Fuelled up, pre flight checked and taxied out - but on take off the plane rolled violently to the right - the aileron had again changed its center to about 30 degrees - I managed to make an emergency landing - where the aileron was clearly up. The surface of the runway is tarmac but quite rough - I am wondering if after 20 flights off the rough surface this may have caused a fault with the Competition powerbox - in this case its on only affecting the right aileron - have you seen anything like this before? - should I return the Competition to Powerbox for checking?

  • Hello,

    I´m 100% sure that this is not the PowerBox... from a technical point of view the PowerBox cannot toggle the center position.

    I think it´s the servo - potentiometer fail. If you have this again, pull out the servo and connect another one for a test if it is in the middle.