Mercury SRS with GPS sensor

  • Hey guys I'm having an issue with my Mercury SRS

    The first part of the setup went fine when we go to the setup a cyst we go to tilt the tail up the bars move all the way over we hold it steady and it goes right back to set up assist screen it will not go over to the rudder part of this setup assessed I guess that's how to set the elevator won't move when we do this and it just keeps going right back to set up assist screen anybody got any answers this is volume one I understand thank you all very much

  • good morning Richard

    This is volume one Mercury SRS with the GPS sensor

    Is the elevator supposed to go up in the air when you do this and then switch over to the rudder screen correct it goes from the elevator right back to the setup assist screen and we have no control over the services at this time with the radio should I buy the update cable and update the system thank you very much for responding I've just had a hard time with this would like to try it out thank you again Richard hope you have a great day

  • okay Richard thank you very much for your reply I really appreciate it

    Couple more questions

    I just want to get this straight in my mind if you don't mind thank you sir

    When you go through the first set of bindings telling the servo speed the battery type should we have control of the surfaces when we are are performing The Tail test but I will buy the cable and update it I'm just kind of new to the power boxes this is my first one and thank you again sir I appreciate all your time

  • Hello,

    the servos will normally not move- you teach the input and output channels normally in the assistant or you can do it manually with "input" and Output" Mapping.

    What you can do in the assistant: remove the mounting screws and move the powerBox correct when you are asked to do it. This can help if plane movement is not possible or too slow.

  • thank you again very much for your time Richard

    I ordered the the cable I'm going to update it when I get it from from Chief aircraft thank you again Richard I really appreciate your time I hope everything goes well have a great day sir

  • Good morning Richard

    When I'm in that screen tells you to go to FM 2 I've tried several times having the slider 2-0 it's still stays on that screen like it's locked up we've never been able to turn on the gyro after going through all the setup so I'm not sure I'm little confused thank you again

  • hello Richard thank you for your time sir

    Okay I just went back through the set up set the 3 position switch set my slider it moves from 0 to 100 now when I get to the screen that tells me to go to FM 2 my sliders at zero the stays on that screen and will not come off of it like it's locked up there

    When I switch my switch to FM to is that supposed to turn on the gyro so I can do the PreFlight check I'm just confused spend a lot of time with this now and I just can't I don't know can't get it going right thank you again I really appreciate your time I hope I can get through this have a great day sir

  • one more question for further reference when we're at the FM to screen and slider this is the pre-flight assist so when we fly the airplane we take off and Gyro off then we switch to FM 2 are we adjusted all the surfaces at once or do you adjust one and then turn it off and then turn it back on to adjust the other and so on or does it adjust all surfaces at once we don't quite understand the instructions and if so does it do the rudder first elevator or ailerons sorry for being such a pain in the ass just had many problems thank you again

  • Hello,

    the assistant sets all gain for all surfaces in one flight- do the Testfly Assistant on the ground to see how it works. You can repeat it several times. Once you select the Assistant again, the previous settings are deleted.

    Did you get the Slider and Flightmodeswitch working now?

  • hello Richard hope you're doing well

    No sir unfortunately it's doing exactly the same thing and I'm pulling my hair out another buddy that I know says he might know a little bit about them but I don't think he knows no more than I do so I'm not sure what to do I know you'll have some suggestions I hope thank you again sir I always appreciate you time

  • The problem is: there are so many questions now above that I really don´t know where exactly the problem is now!!

    1. Is the problem that you cannot teach the mounting direction?

    2. Is the prblem that the PowerBox is not detecting the gain/Flightmode channel?

    Please specify your questions a little more precise. It´s hard to help in this way!

    And no: there is no buggy version outside.

  • good morning Richard how's it going buddy hope you're doing well

    No sir we've worked on it reset it did it again and again and again everything seems to work fine except for when you go to flight accessed it goes to a screen that says FM to you move the slider back and forth and it doesn't show any game and it will stay on that screen we redid it again never moved anything made sure the slider was at zero made sure the switch was off and then we turned it the fm2 like it said and move the slider up and down it stays at 0 and it's frozen on that screen we have waited 30 minutes I'm God going to burn up servos with this thing so I'm not sure where to go thank you very much sir for your time I really appreciate it I'm going to wait to hear from you if not I'm going to pull this unit out I fly every day and this is putting the damper on my flying hehehe thanks Richard I really appreciate your time buddy I hope we can get this resolved have a great day sir

  • Hello,

    in the main initial screen, where you can see the battery bars. Do you see the flightmode switching there? If yes- the only problem is the Gain slider. In that case please check in the transmitter: only one channel is allowed moving! Sometimes there are more than one channels assigned in the trnsmitter. Then the PowerBox cannot select the right one.

    Where are you from?

  • hello Richard I'm right now in Dallas Texas

    Okay I'll check that I'm using 11 XJR and my slider is only working one channel that would be ox3 I went out a few minutes ago turned on the radio turn down the unit and now it burns but it will not work any of the control surfaces again so I went ahead shut off the radio and rebound it it binds but it's not talking so I'm not sure where to go this is getting tiring alright thank you very much sir I'll hear from you soon have a great day

  • I just want to let you know Richard thank you for all your help I hate to be a pain in the butt I'm doing something wrong or something's going on with the unit is there anybody that you know of and Dallas Garland area Texas that has one of these I'm just not sure what to do I just went in and factory reset it again by went through all the stuff bounded again all my satellites come on it won't talk to it it did this before on volume 1 now we on volume 7 now I've only got three satellites hooked to this unit does this take for satellites for it to work correctly according to Chief aircraft three satellites are fine because this is only in a 50cc AJ slick because when we got this we wanted to try it out in a smaller aircraft first okay thank you Richard I hope you have a great day sir