Mercury SRS with GPS sensor

  • Hello Dennis,

    no idea whats´s wrong. Maybe it would help if you show me a short video where I can see your servomonitor in the transmitter and show me the two channels switch + slider moving.

    Can you ask your dealer if someone is close to you for helping?

  • hello Richard okay thank you I've called Chief aircraft they're not too familiar with this unit it seems like to me I'm going to run through this one more time today thank you again for your help I hope you have a great day sir take care

  • Richard, I was having exact problems until I updated. I had to reset in assistant but this time everything that the manual said was going to happen and finally after a year I can use the gyro.

  • Hello Richard thank you very much sir I appreciate it all your time

    I know you're a busy man couldn't have done it without you all

    Now let me ask you another question when you switch this unit into fm3 what does that do when can you switch it into I guess I'm calling it heading hold can you kind of explain what it does and what I can do and when I can switch it in don't quite understand the instructions kind of confusing to me thank you again have a great night

  • Hello,

    in the standard settings you have Heading hold (Attitude Assist) in FM2 for Aileron and elevator. Rudder is only damping.

    In FM3 you have Attitude assist for all three. You can use it to fly a slow roll only with controlling aileron.

  • yes that was correct the flight mode switch was not detected in the powerbox the flight mode switch was on one channel moving on the monitor screen but for some reason it did not detected in the powerbox I went through it a couple more times and it detected it I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but yes thank you very much