V4 Smoke Pump: How to turn on at negative throttle Spektrum DX6I

  • I have a Spektrum DX6I Radio. The pump is V4, so I guess that means -100 to 0 being off. I have throttle mixed with the Aux Channel. I have the pump coming on, but not until the throttle reaches some small amount over "0". I would like it to come on when my throttle is like at say -60. I am at -90 for Idle and 40 for full throttle. I am looking to get the pump to start at say -60 or so and be at 25 or 30% at 40 on the throttle. I have messed with everything and cannot seem to do it. I have even turned on the Sub Trim, but perhaps I am turning on for the wrong channel. I have it to a two position switch, which seems to work just fine. I just would like to move the start for the pump to the - 60 position on my throttle. How can I do this?? Appreciate your help.

  • So, you mean some type of external mixer? As stated above, I have the throttle mixed with the Aux channel the pump is plugged into. The pump will not come on until the Throttle is over "0". Then the pump comes on and increases realative to throttle position. So if I want it to come on earlier at say -60 I need to buy some other mixer?

    Perhaps someone with Spektrum experience could jump in here. My radio ia fully programable and i can and have mixed the throttle channel with the pump channel. Everything is working, I just want the pump to come on earlier in my throttle position. I cant seem to make that happen. It wont come on until the throttle signal is greater than "0".



  • Thanks, Chris.

    I will keep your E-mail. I am not home at the moment, I work overseas. I have the 2 position switch set up on the Aux Channel. When it is "on" I have it programmed to take the aux channel from -max (I think it is -125) to "0". Then as I come up on the throttle, the aux channel is not changing until I get the throttle to "0" or so. I have that offset and I have that offset to the Max it can go. If I do not do that, the pump will not come on at all. I have a page where I can watch the channel positions on the screen. Aux sits at 0 until my throttle is up past the "0" point. I have turned on the Sub Trim, but I am not sure that has done anything. Probably I am not setting that up correctly, just turning it on. when I play with the sub trim positions, nothing seems to happen. I will have to get home and jack with it some more. The manual blows. It just mentions in passing that there is a sub trim and mixing function; basically how to turn it on and off and select which channel you mix with which...its literally like a 2 sentence paragraph on the whole 9 yards. No help. You may hear from me in about 3 weeks if I can not figure it out.

    Thanks again,