Setting up Delta Wing on Mercury. Gyro problem....

  • Hi. Having issues with Gyro function when setting up in Delta wing configuration with Jeti DS16. If I use Delta setup in Jeti and normal in powerbox, Gyro function does not work on Elevator. If I set up Normal mide on Jeti and Delta on powerbox, the Gyro does not operate properly on aileron.

    What is rhe correct advised configuration? Model is J10.


  • Hello,

    this depends on your programming skill :-)

    Delta: You need to mix the Vector function in the transmitter. Also after setup flight you have to setup Vector gyro manually.

    Advantage: You can mix the vector as you want in any flightmodes in the transmitter

    Delta VT: Vector mixing and gyro settings are set automatically after using the Testfly assistant. FM1 and FM2 vector is off. FM3 with vector. Fixed.

    Advantage: absolute easy.

    You don´t need the Canards. You can fix them (recommendation from the designers of the plane Ralf Losemann and Enrico Thäter)