Unable to read different parameters with teleconverter

  • Hello,

    here is my material:

    - futaba FX32 V1.7

    - 7003SB receiver with correct mode to have 1 SBUS and 1 SBUS2,

    - teleconverter 0.3 and registered on the FX32 with 3 lines of "1678 sensor", because I didn't have any other choice. I did it 2 times with same result.

    - mercury V07

    and here are my questions:

    - While plugging the teleconverter on the PC to set the correct sensor type with powerbox terminal, I didn't have the choice written on your manual: "futaba current sensor 1678 or powerbox sensor".

    Instead, I only had "all sender or T14/T18 sender", and I had to select "all sender" to have the possibility to read something on my FX32. Is it normal?

    - On your manual, while used as "powerbox sensor" I should be able to read battery volatge, residual capacity, number of fades, number of lost frame, number of fail safe. As I wasn't able to select "powerbox sensor", I only have one battery voltage, and the residual capacity remains always at 0. Is it normal?

    Thank you



  • Hello,

    the problem is that the FX32 software doesn´t include the "big" PowerBox sensor type which gives you all data... I fear with the Robbe insolvense there is no "pressure" behind Futaba to make a new update for the FX32 to support all the new sensors.

    T18SZ,T18MZ,T14SG - all newer handheld have it.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Would you have an explanation for my first question, about the choice given in powerbox terminal that is différent from what is written on your manual?

    Thank you