PowerPak 5.0X2 Pro discharge ?

  • Setup - Royal SRS with (2) PowerPak 5.0X2

    I have my Royal SRS with (2) PowerPak's connected; setup is on my bench (not currently in model). Royal SRS in off state for a few weeks when I noticed 1 of the PowerPak's with blinking red LED. Manual states this indicates state of charge < 15%. My questions are:

    - Is Royal SRS putting load on batteries in off state?

    - Is PowerPak auto discharge not switching off (discharging too far)? [battery 6.8v]

    My plan was to install these deep inside model and not regularly disconnect, so I'd like to know if the design supports this setup before doing so.

    I assume the only scenario that results in red blinking LED status is when PowerBox is on for extended period of time. Correct?