Mercury SRS SET UP

  • Hi Richard,

    I recently installed Mercury SRS on my Ultra-flush jet and I think I'm running on version .5. I went through the whole set up and when I get to page 23 of the manual test flight assistance, I can’t seem to find that option on the main menu and if I find it on the 2nd page of the menu, it asks me if I want to erase all previous settings which I’ve already done twice. Below are the following issues that I have.

    1. I want to test on the ground the gyro functionality

    2. Do I need to upgrade the software to a later version and how?


  • Hi Richard.

    When I went back to main menu set up assistance/test fly assistance, it resets all the outputs/control flight. It does not take me to the the screen that shows on Page 23 unless I'm doing something wrong during the process. How do I get to the menu screen that shows on Page 23?

    My 2nd question is, how do I check that the Gyro is functioning right when I am in Flight mode 1 and 2?

  • Hello,

    Page 23 is the Testfly assistant.

    Only the Setup Assistant is deleting all outputs and controls. Make this assistant only one time.

    The Testfly assistant is different, you can repaet it on ground as often as you want for checking out how it works.

  • Second page ( setup & Test fly under one option)



    When i choose that option next menu is



    NO YES

    please note when i move the model to check if the gyro function the controls surfaces don't correct themselves

    but during setup all surfares responded correctly

  • Hi Richard,

    1.How do I get to the menu at page 23 of the Manuel?

    2.How can I test the gyro on the ground?to insure that it works correctly

    3.Do I need to update V5 to current version?

  • Hello,

    I tell you now the 3rd time that you have to start the "Testfly Assistant" then increase gain to see the gyro working!

    You can update to V05, but this is not a must. Of course there are some improvements, but they have nothing to do with the "Testfly Assistant"

  • Once you setup the output mapping etc, if you go to setup assistance it will erase everything you setup. Ask me how i know. Once setup go to the gyro menu and make sure you have each control surface aka Ail A Ail B etc setup the way you want it. This is where you set if you want rate, att ass std etc direction reverse etc. once you have each FM done 1,2,3 then you can do the test fly assistance. Try once or twice on ground so you know what to do in the air. Or have a helper help you increase the gain and cycle the FM switch from 2 back to 1 to lock in and then you can resume gyro back on fm 2 and continue flight

  • Thanks Johnny,

    In fact I went and did a factory reset started fresh. Went through the all set up and General set up all controls working as desired. However when switching to mode 2 or 3 no correction are not made by the gyro. I think I am missing something.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Servus Richard, ich habe bei der Mercury SRS meinen Doorsequenzer mit dem Setup Assistenten Mode 1 programmiert. Nur leider ist mein El. Fahrwerk Langsam noch nicht voll eingefahren und die Fahrwerkstüren schließen schon. Wie kann ist diese Zeit für die Klappen um zwei Sekunden verlängern? Für das Experten Menü habe ich leider keine Beschreibung und sobald ich eine Zeit im Exp. M. verändere hängt sich der DS programmmäßig auf.