Disabling Gyro

  • Help, so I have a Mercury with GPS II. How do i deactivate the gyro portion for use with another gyro? I have not been able to get the “feel” of this gyro although it does work , just doesn’t feel the same as other I’m used to. I’ve gotten a couple glitches in flight when gyro was on. ATT ASS STD mode. Turn off and glitches go away. Hence why i wanna go to the gyro I’m used to plus the feel is much different. :)

    Also can I leave GPS connected to get telemetry to my Futaba 18MZ?

  • Yes it was on a Jet Plane. Swordfish. Flying normally 90 percent of time with gyro on. But occasionally it would twitch. Either the elevators or the ailerons. Momentary. Didn’t feel comfortable landing with gyro on cause of the momentary twitches so landed with gyro off. Brought frame rate down from 18 to 12. Helped a little but still had the momentary twitch “glitch” in flight. So I was gonna disable the gyro and use another to see if problem was in gyro or something else

  • So I have updated my Mercury to 8.0 and also installed a cortex Pro. Since the model was already setup using the setup assistance, how do I disable the gyro now without going through the whole setup assistance again. I don’t want to have to do all the mapping again.

    Also if I can’t donthat without going through the setup assistant will just leaving the gain on the Mercury at 0 for all control surfaces be ok??