• Richard, I am stuck with a problem in the door sequencer using Power Bus.

    I have a simple setup using 15 channels and have assigned ABCF to DS1 DS2 DS3 DS4 respectively. The gear channel is channel 11

    When I use the assistant setup prog I get the rear doors on air valve to close and open fine, however what do I set the channel to on Power Bus for the front doors which are servos. At present there are only two live leads going to the Power box. One is from gear air valve and the second from door air valve. Do the door servos have to have an actual lead to the Power Box as per the other two functions or can they be programmed via Power Bus. They are on a Y lead

    Thank you


  • Richard,

    Thank you for the reply and I have recently updated the software but am not sure what this reads and I enclose picture. It does not seem to correspond with any of the listed versions. Is it 10.7.7 ? and I presume this is the latest as I downloaded.

    The second door will solve the problem but the last part of the question was does it need a physical lead as per gear and gear doors to the Power box ( where the rest of the plane is programmed via P/Bus ).

    As I cannot see a way of programming this on an Power Bus adapter . So three physical leads required ??

  • It´s the latest release: 17.7

    Understand- no you can use PowerBus. You simply must map the doorsequencer output to the PowerBus. Then in the PowerBus adapter you have to program the output to this PowerBus channel.

  • Richard, I am having a problem understanding wether the door sequencer needs separate channels for example:

    Gear door channel 11 on tx socket... A... Sbus channel 1

    front doors DS-1 (does this need an s bus channel of its own? ) or in output mapping is it mapped to channel 11 as well

    rear doors DS-2 ( does this need an s bus channel of its own?) " " "

    Finally I am using all sixteen channels at present from tx FX32

    Does the Gyro switch need an s bus channel? I assume not as it is just a switched channel of the tx source ?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    the channel 11 is only the input from transmitter to activate the sequencer. The sequencer outputs are DS1 to DS6. This outputs must go to seperate P-BUS channels if you want to drive the servos with the PowerBus.

    I think you mixed up the input S.BUS from reciver and the PowerBus channels from PowerBox to the Servobus.

    The Gyro needs two channels on the transmitter side. In the PowerBus outputs you don´t need it. They can easily be setup with the assistant.