Mercury SRS failed bluecom update

  • Power on the mercury with Bluecom connected?

    Start IOs app?

    How do I make IOs app recognize bluecom if its not appearing on Bluetooth devices in phone nor IOs app?

    On app I am selecting Mercury SRS and hitting quick update, goes to next screen, says device not found.

    What do I do next?

  • hello karlvega,

    please do the folowing steps:

    1. Power on the Mercury with BlueCom connected to "TELE" Port

    2. Start iOS App

    3. if the little antenna symbol in the lower right corner is green, BlueCom is connected*

    4. Hit "QuickUpdate"

    If the the Mercury SRS is not recognized, you have to send it back to factory.


    if the little antenna sysmbol is not green, please do the following steps

    1. close MobileTerminal App

    2. go to settings -> Bluetooth

    3. Tap on the little blue "i" next to BlueCom device

    4. Tap on "forget device"

    5. disable Bluetooth

    6. after a few secounds, activate bluetooth

    7. start PowerBox Mobile Terminal

    8. allow Bluetooth if you are asked to, then press pair when you are asked for