Can’t setup the mercury gyro

  • Hi

    I have been trying to help a friend to setup his gyro in the mercury and since he has been a past user with the ROYAL it was his first time using the mercury srs, so my questions.

    1. Can we setup the PB manually like in royal or the new version does not allow that

    2. Past the setup and tilt action the elevators And rudders are working but the ailerons are not working

    3. I have heard a lot of people complaining about mercury integrated gyro is not stable and leads to crashes.

    4. I own one mercury and want to know if i can Get a link to an online video showing the entire process which will help me re setup the entire thing



  • Hello,

    1. Yes - with the latest version you can assign channels for gain setup

    2. So during Testfly assistent - aileron must work if you raise the gain. If not - there is something bad.

    3. There have been some problems with turbine noise. If you see erratic surface movements with running turbine - we can fix it. I don´t know from crashes. I can imagine from what side this rumors are comming...

    4. I´m sorry - we don´t have a video. But using the setup assistant is really very easy. Don´t make it manually! Once the Setup Assistant and Testfly Assistant is done, you can make manual improvements.

  • Hi. Richard

    Sorry for the delayed response I m traveling. I contact him and he told me that at the time of setup when thengyro is getting to know the direction at that time. It does not recognize the aileron but only accepts the elevator and rudder. Therefore there is no movement in the aileron. This has been done more than three times reset and reset up again.