How is the best way to connect 4 ailerons servos

  • How is the best way to connect 4 ailerons servos, 2 elevators servos and 1 rudder servo in the iGyro SRS with GPS sensor. I am using Spektrum Dx18, Spektrum AR12310T 12ch Powersafe Telemetry Receiver and a Booma servo matching IM22.:?:

  • Hello,

    with this parts it´s not possible. iGYRO SRS need serial inputs. The easiest way would be to take a PowerBox Competition SRS after the iGyro. The satellites direct to the iGyro.

    You don´t need that receiver and you don´t need the servomatching unit. All is included. Also much less wiring.

  • Hi Richard, Happy New Year!

    One more question Richard,:

    If I am using an Igyro SRS w/o GPS, when I do " the fly assistant" (gyro gain), I just need to do slow passes to setting up Ailerons, Elevators and Rudder, I don't need to set up the gyro in max speed?

    If the gyro was taught just in low speed when I am going to fly at high speed I will not have oscillations?

  • Also i didn't understand the NOTE at the end of the setup assistant about the 3D pilot, Program at least on flight mode without a Heading value? The Flight mode 2 is not already setup without Heading mode? In your opinion what is the best setup for my 3 flight modes for flying my 3D planes? The Igyro can help for Rolling Harries?

  • Hello,

    if you use it without GPS you have to adjust it with high speed. If you adjust it at low speed, the Gyro will oscillate at high speed of course.

    Use the setup assistant to adjust it for flightmode 2 you are done. If you want the plane torque roll automatically make in flightmode 3 all to 100% and Heading also to 100%.

    Bring the plane to vertical position, then switch to FM3, the plane will hold in this position automatically.